We are the first B2C and B2B internet project to offer Health Tourism Complication Insurance in Turkey. We provide coverage for foreign nationals who come to Turkey for Health Tourism, both with the "Travel Health Insurance" which is obligatory when they come, and in cases where revision or renewal of the operation is required due to complications that may develop after the operation they have had. With this insurance, we enable institutions with Health Tourism Certification in this field to offer 360-degree assurance to their foreign guests, as well as providing great convenience for their corporate reporting as B2B. We also provide important functions for the processes of obtaining detailed reports, managing policies and sending them to official institutions, especially for "Health Tourism Incentive".

We provide service with a hundred percent customer satisfaction with our team with more than 20 years of insurance experience. We maintain the quality of service we offer to our foreign guests on our website "e-ikametsigorta.com" in Health Tourism Insurance.

e-ikametsigorta.com and saglikturizmisigortasi.com are projects of Enki Insurance Brokerage Services Ltd. Şti.